Gale felt the call to write the true-life story of a miraculous event that her husband experienced in 1955 when, at age 14, while hunting with his grandfather, he found an abandoned baby in the woods of Indiana. His decades-long search to locate her again resulted in their emotional reunion in 2104, which was broadcast world-wide on the “CBS This Morning” show. Additionally, CBS posted the video on YouTube and the story of their reunion went “viral,” as they say. Soon Gale and her husband were receiving responses from  Individuals from all over the world expressing interest in knowing more about his decades-long search, the reunion and  their personal life.

It took two years to write“And the Angel Cried – the Miraculous Story of an Abandoned Baby in 1955.” Looking back on the events that occurred during the search for “Baby Roseann” was an extremely emotional time in their lives…the agony of encountering one brick wall after another, one door closing, another opening and increasing suspicions of a cover-up in Dave’s home town. Anyone who values life will cherish this story. Those who believe, or want to believe, in Divine Intervention will be brought to their knees!