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Elizabeth Plourde Ph.D. Scientist, Medical Researcher, and Author of the book – EMF Freedom – Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution

The following is from the important website http://www.emffreedom.com

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Are Not Harmless

We have to pay attention to the people who are electrosensitive today, they are the canaries of the 21st century.

Why Are Some People More Impacted?

Many people are feeling the impact of EMF emissions around them.  They have headaches, migraines, skin rashes, or hives that their physicians cannot explain.  In many cases, these are the body’s response to EMF exposure.  The more sensitive are generally those who already have too many toxic chemicals in their bodies and the body cannot handle the additional assault.  These are the canaries of the 21st century as they are showing the symptoms from EMF radiation sooner than those who are not yet showing symptoms.  However, eventually more and more people will develop symptoms and show the effects, as it takes 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years for this low level radiation to have an impact.

Canaries are very sensitive and have been used in chemical plants and coal mines to detect toxic leaks.  New canaries were brought in each day and if one dropped dead, it was an indication that all the workers should evacuate the area because the air was contaminated.  They were inexpensive warning systems.

Today, we have those who are not tolerating the electromagnetic smog that is covering our communities.  With the installation of SMART meters throughout our communities, combined with your neighbor’s WiFi and satellite dish, we are all being bombarded constantly.

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