Reverend Marvin Smith, a former NFL Linebacker for the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams is currently being helped by the Living Heart Foundation – a nationwide healthcare network to provide health screenings for active and retired professional football players. Marvin, who is living with high LDL cholesterol, participated in a documentary about heart disease called – Heart Felt – True Stories of Life in the Shadow of High LDL Cholesterol which highlighted the Living Heart Foundation. Today he talks about what happens to professional athletes once they leave the playing field especially when it comes to their health. 

Marvin Smith








LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) often takes a backseat to other alarming health concerns like diabetes and hypertension, and despite its seriousness, has remained the quiet part in our conversation. Heart Felt exposes the global story of living with high LDL-C and breaks the silence on an issue we should all be talking about.

Visit the website – Take Down Cholesterol and watch the movie – Heart Felt