Good health begins right where we are and often we don’t realize that. Or perhaps we just don’t know how to take center stage in our own life. We come up with excuses – ” I’ll pay attention tomorrow because today I have to go to work, drive the kids, go to the bank, the grocery store …” Today’s guest, Rebecca Hall Gruyter shares her story and explains how to speak up and take center stage of your life.











Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series events/TV show, the Speaker Talent Search™, and Rebecca’s Money Summit.  Rebecca, who is the Network Director for VoiceAmerica’s Women Channel in both Radio and TV, is an in-demand speaker, expert money coach and a frequent guest expert on success panels, tele-summits, TV and radio shows. 

As the CEO of RHG Media Productions™, Rebecca launched the international TV channel called Empowered ConnectionsTV™ (recently rated the #1 Channel on VoiceAmerica) bringing transformational TV shows and programming to the world. She is excited to be launching her new TV Network EmpoweredConnectionsNetwork in January 2017. 

Her Books Include: Succeeding Against All Odds; You Are Whole, Perfect and Complete; Catch Your Star; Becoming Outrageously Successful:  A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Purpose, Fueling Her Passion, and Unlocking Her Prosperity; and recently published: Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Dream, Love your Life.

To be released in 2016: Come Out of Hiding and SHINE!, Success Secrets for Today’s Feminine Entrepreneur, Warrior Women, Women on a Mission, plus the long awaited ~Stories of My Grandmothers, Legacy from a Granddaughters Heart.

Rebecca is a popular Talk Radio Show Host, Empowerment Leader and International bestselling author who is to helping YOU impact the world powerfully!