LISTEN HERE ~ Not so Smart Meter Introduction ~ PLEASE TAKE 17 minutes & 40 seconds of your day to preserve your health and your right to choose.

This is not a political piece. This issue harms everyone. Radiation does not discriminate. We should all be outraged by this violation. Even if you are not concerned about the potential health risks, everyone should be concerned by the violation of rights.

If you do not know about the health dangers surrounding the utility company’s forced ‘deployment’ of Smart Meters – you must listen to the above link. You can exercise your right to refuse the installation of these risky, privacy intruding surveillance devices that emit health damaging radiation all over you and your home. There is nothing ‘smart’ about these meters when it comes to basic human rights and to your health. In the State of Ohio – there is not much time left to make our voices heard. Email me your concerns and I will forward to the proper local and state representatives. Other states – inquire about any opt-out choices you may have. Send all questions and comments in the reply box below.

Pat Yel4
Using radio to educate – because after smart meter installation – we will all become patients suffering the consequences of forced radiation.

While  utility companies have misrepresented to its customers that the wireless smart meter is mandated, a review of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and 2007 does not reveal mandatory language but states it may be “offered”; sounding more like an opt in than opt out guidance to the states.

Therefore to force any type of RF emitting wireless smart meters on any citizen and especially disabled citizens with medical conditions adversely affected by the radiation, is not supported by legislation and is in fact a violation of law.

Below – Leave your name, city, and state along with your request to create laws that protect freedom of choice and permanent opt- out laws. Your message is safe and does not automatically post until approved by us. So feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and questions. We will publicly post only if /when we receive your permission.

In addition – send your thoughts to the following and ask for permanent and free opt-out laws and laws that protect our freedom of choice.

Ohio Attorney General’s office – Mike DeWine -800-282-0515 Local: 614-466-4986

30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor Columbus, OH 43215


Public Utilities Commission of Ohio – 800-686-7826


State Senator John Eklund – (614) 644-7718 

Senate Building 1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor Columbus, OH 43215


State of Ohio Representative – Matt Lynch – (614) 644-5088

77 S. High St 13th Floor Columbus,  OH 43215


Representative Ron Young – District 61 – (614) 644-6074   

77 S. High St 11th Floor Columbus,  OH 43215


Senator Lou Gentile

Senate Building 1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 466-6508 

Please call Senator Lou Gentile’s office and ask to speak with Maria

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