The radio frequencies emitted from smart meters are known to cause health problems. Therefore we suggest you do everything you can to avoid the installation of these meters on your home. Please use the following to put your utility company on notice.

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Following is a lawful strategy for denying consent for your electric company to install a smart meter on your home or business.

This is not legal advice. It is a common sense approach to notifying your electric company of your awareness and preferences while piercing their corporate veil at the same time.

The letter and form should be sent by certified mail to the CEO and top officers of your electric company. The fact that the private for-profit corporation that represents your public utility commission has approved the installation of smart meters, while making no assurances as to their safety, puts this issue right back into the lap of the private electric corporations. The general population has no input regarding the appointment of public utility commissioners and no legal contract with any of them. These commissioners do not work for the people.

The sample letter can be used as a template but needs to be personalized. The names of the electric company’s officers and the public utility commissioners can generally be found on the internet.

The notice is a collection of indisputable facts. It is important to note that NONE of the players in the smart meter roll-out are making any claims regarding the safety of this biologically damaging device. Therefore it is THE ISSUE. In our dysfunctional legal system, consent is presumed unless specifically denied.

The notice includes the signatures of two witnesses. By signing a statement of facts, dating your signature and including two witnesses, the format meets the criteria of a legal notice. Save a copy of the letter, the notice and the certified mail labels. In the sample, there will be six letters, six notices and six certified mail labels.


March 4, 2014

first and last name (do not use all caps)
city and state

Nicholas K. Akins, Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mr. Akins,

Recently I became aware that your corporation plans on installing unsafe smart meters on the homes and businesses of your customers. Please note: I was not a party to that decision.

Attached is my lawful notice regarding the installation of a smart meter on my home. It represents a lawful denial of consent.

I do hereby request that my denial of consent notice be filed in your records and that AEP’s smart meter installers be so informed.

I DO NOT CONSENT to having a smart meter or an analog wireless transmitter placed on my home or property.


first and last name

cc: Robert P. Powers, AEP Executive Vice President
Brian X. Tierney, AEP Executive Vice President
David M. Feinberg, AEP Executive Vice President
Lana L. Hillebrand, AEP Senior Vice President
Dennis E. Welch, AEP Executive Vice President

Notice to agent is notice to principal Notice to principal is notice to agent



Items in italic are to be personalized. All corporate entities need to be written in their all caps names. Do not use this notice unless you understand and agree with the facts as stated.


As a customer of AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY, INC, COLUMBUS OH, I declare the following:

I am aware that AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY, INC (AEP) wishes to install more smart meters on properties in OHIO and have granted the approval of the PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION, OHIO to achieve that goal. AEP was chartered to provide a public utility service.

I am aware that the PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION, OHIO is a private corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet and headquartered in COLUMBUS, OH. I am aware that Todd Snitchler, Asim Haque, Steven Lesser, Lynn Slaby, and M. Beth Trombold have been appointed by the Governor to serve as COMMISSIONERS for the PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION, OHIO. Their decisions are influenced by a) the EXECUTIVE OFFICE STATE OF OHIO (Governor) as well as b) the ‘fiscal’ health of their corporation. Therefore, I do not recognize them as unbiased health protection agents.

I am aware that some electric corporations in the STATE OF OHIO have made continued electric service contingent upon customer’s permitting smart meters to be attached to their homes and/or businesses. These corporations have endangered their customer’s health and safety by denying the customers access to the public utility the corporations were chartered to provide.

I am aware that according to the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION, listed as a private corporation on Dun and Bradstreet and headquartered in WASHINGTON DC, there are no national safety standards regarding the radiofrequency energy that smart meters emit.

I am aware that PUCO has provided no assurances as to the safety of smarter meters, despite the fact that they have made a public claim to assure safe and affordable utility services to Ohioans.

I am aware that a national health organization, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, issued a warning in January 2012 about the detrimental health effects of smart meters on men, women and their sons and daughters.

I am aware of multiple scientific peer-reviewed papers that have exposed the health and safety dangers of smart meters on men, women and their sons and daughters; and that this research is readily available in the BioInitiative Report of 2012.

I am unaware of any articles in the (name of electric company as listed on Dun and Bradstreet – in all caps) corporate charter that authorizes this company to cause physical harm or injury to the men, women and sons and daughters they call customers. I am unaware of any state statute that authorizes utility companies to cause physical harm or injury to these men, women and sons and daughters they call customers.

I hereby deny any employee of AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER permission to place a smart meter or wireless analog meter on my house. AEP officers Nicholas Akins, Robert Powers, Brian Tierney, David Feinberg, Lana Hillebrand, and Dennis Welch have no lawful jurisdiction to harm my health or the health my family members. Should AEP employees install a smart meter on my property without my consent, I will use all lawful and legal remedies to hold these officers personally – and in their official capacity – liable for any and all harm caused by this dangerous device.

NOTE: This document can be used to protect AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER from any punitive statutory actions or penalties of the EXECUTIVE (CEO) of the UNITED STATES, the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, the EPA or any other government corporations or subdivisions thereof.

Customer name: Jane Louise Doe account number: 22334455

Address: 25 Maple Lane, Grove City, Ohio

Signature(s): Jane Louise Doe Date: 3-31-13

Witness signature: Jim Bob Walton Date: 3-31-13

Witness signature: Roy Anthony Rogers Date: 3-31-13

Notice to principal is notice to agent
Notice to agent is notice to principal



Smart Meter Notice Template 4-21-14 word doc



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