Did your utility company sneak a smart meter on your property? Didn’t get one yet? Don’t want one?

File a request to have yours removed or file a request not to have one installed. Do nothing – and guess what? You have a not-so smart meter bathing you and your home with dangerous health altering radio frequencies.

No – I am not a fanatic, a lunatic, or a member of the tin foil hat club. Rather – I am someone who is slowly beginning to feel the effects of wifi – cell phones – cell phone towers – dirty electricity – and choose not to subject my health to a government imposed radiation emitting health hazard – in the false name of “saving energy.”

People are calling me – emailing me – asking me what to do. Everyone is upset about the mandatory installation of smart meters. You go out for the afternoon and come home to find this radiation emitting surveillance device attached to your home. You get a “GOOD NEWS” flyer on your front porch that extols the virtues of a “smart” meter.

Has anyone explained the related health hazards? Has the utility company shared with you that these devices emit radio frequencies – at a constant and health provoking level?

Here are the steps involved to make your voice heard. The process seems to be purposefully ambiguous – however – stay in charge. Follow the directions below. Call the Public Utility Commission to file your complaint and ALSO send a written complaint via their website.

Should you have difficulties – feel free to contact me. I will try to help you. These directions are for the state of Ohio. If you live in another state – contact your state utility commission and your local utilities.

*** IMPORTANT ACTION PLAN – please share with everyone today! ***

Right now – pick up the telephone and  file a formal complaint/request with the Public Utility Commission of Ohio

a)      Preventative -You want to opt out of receiving a replacement meter

b)      Defensive  – You want to request that a smart meter or other newly installed meter be removed

Follow these directions and do not allow the representative to tell you to call your state or local officials or that they cannot do anything for you. Tell them you know the procedure and insist on receiving a case number for each utility per address. They will do their best to get you off the phone or tell you that a case number doesn’t do anything.  We get a different person and a different response each time we call. Sadly, I had a PUCO representative tell me that I had an option – “go off the grid.” Later in the conversation – he hung up on me when I asked him if he was concerned about the radiation emitted by the meters. Hello – uh – Hello – are you there?

A few simple steps:

1)      Call the PUCO – 800-686-7826

2)      Allow the recording to play all the way through. Do not press any keys. Wait for a live person.

3)      Tell them your concern. a) I do not want any type of replacement meter attached to my home and that includes a smart meter, an AMR meter (a supposed one-way meter), or a two-way meter. OR – b) I want the smart meter or any other newly installed meter removed.

4)      Give the name of each utility company and your home address and phone number.

5)      Ask for a case number for each utility. DO not hang up without this case number.

6)      They should send you a formal complaint packet in the mail

7)      Follow the instructions when the packet arrives

Do not hang up until you get a case number. Having this case number offers you a paper trail. IF enough people make noise – maybe someone will listen.


File a complaint on the PUCO website. All comments in writing are sent to the docketing department and create official records of your complaint.

Here’s how to do it:

The PUCO has a smart meter opt out case number

PUCO Smart Meter Opt Out Case # 12-2050-EL-ORD

To file a complaint:


Your complaint along with others will appear on the page below. In addition, you should receive a form letter in the mail from the docketing department to verify receipt of your complaint.

To view Public Comments


There are but a paltry few complaints on their website. How can we expect change if we don’t take the bull by the horns and SPEAK UP?

Share these steps with everyone you know. Let’s get thousands of comments and complaints on the PUCO website!

*** ELECTRIC UPDATE – a PUCO representative called me back and said if you have electricity with CEI or AEP – you can opt out. I quote her words “YOU RE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE ONE.” If you have a smart meter installed that you did not consent to – call CEI or AEP and asked to have it removed. If they refuse – file a formal complaint with PUCO.

If you have electricity with DUKE – they do not have an opt out. ***

***GAS UPDATE – DOMINION and maybe ORWELL GAS – the ITRON Model 100G AMR gas meter is the one & only option they have. Call your gas provider and try to opt out then file a formal complaint with the PUCO. They will attempt to convince you that these are one way meters – which they are – and that they do not emit RF’S or if they do, that it only occurs when the meter reader reads them. This is not true. We have tested them with measurement meters and they constantly emit.***

Contact me and let me know what you find while going through this purposefully ambiguous process.


PUCO MISSION and Commitments – 3 of 10 – from their website. To read entire mission:


Our mission is to assure all residential and business consumers access to adequate, safe and reliable utility services at fair prices, while facilitating an environment that provides competitive choices. (NOTICE THE WORD – SAFE. Radiation is not safe)

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Mandating the availability of adequate, safe, and reliable utility service to all business, industrial, and residential consumers. (SAFE)
  • Monitoring and Enforcing compliance with rules and statutory protections against deceptive, unfair, unsafe, and anti-competitive utility practices. (DECEPTIVE, UNFAIR, UNSAFE, ANTI-COMPETITIVE) It is deceptive not to give the public full and voluntary disclosure of radiation hazards prior to the installation of new meter. It is unfair that we do not have a choice or that a door hanger thrown on our doorstep is our fair warning. It is unsafe to mandatorily install a device known to emit harmful radio frequencies. It is anti-competitive once again because we have no choice.
  • Resolving through mediation, arbitration, and adjudication disputes between utilities and residential, commercial, and industrial customers, as well as between competing utilities. (When we call and ask to file a complaint – we should receive honest and consistent information delivered in such a way to guide even the most uninformed, weak, sick, or fragile caller.)

Encourage the PUCO to live up to its clearly posted mission and commitment statements.


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