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Our combined platform of terrestrial radio, cable television, Internet radio, live events, print, and other social media reaches and attracts more than 11 million listeners. Our loyal fans demand authenticity and tune in each week to access honest and balanced healthcare safety information. We have limited space available to promote your businesses.

You are not buying ‘ad space’ – you are not buying ‘a spot’ – You are buying an audience.

When you become a part of the program – All of your content is delivered in a meaningful way ‘within’ the show and does not appear as a typical noisy jingle ad. Listeners view your inclusion as part of the program content and therefore feel comfortable to do business with you ~ an implied endorsement from us to our listeners. And we take that trust very seriously.


Radio Reaches More Consumers Than Ever

Nielsen, a leading provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, recently released highlights from the March 2014 RADAR® 120 National Radio Listening Report. According to the report, the total U.S. radio audience has increased by more than 1.2 million weekly listeners since March 2013, and now reaches 244.4 million Americans on an average weekly basis – 92 percent of the total U.S. population ages 12 and older. Daily time spent listening among radio listeners now averages approximately 2 hours and 41 minutes a day, holding steady from the previous year.


We have several options currently available and rates are reasonable. Here are a few:

  1. Join the program as a two minute weekly guest expert vignetteinterview style – LISTEN HERE – RADIO – 2 Minute Guest Vignette Example
  2. Join the program as a two minute host only endorsement – LISTEN HERE – Senior Helpers Surgery and Sitter Assistance 2 minutes
  3. Join the program as a 60 second host endorsement – LISTEN HERE – Brenda June Ad #2
  4. Join the program as a 30 second host endorsement – LISTEN HERE – Ebert April will be here soon
  5. Join the program as a 15 second mention – LISTEN HERE – Hospice 15
  6. Join the program as a tag or segment sponsor featured weekly within the programLISTEN HERE RADIO – Geri the Germ Example Tag

You audio ads, logo, and link to your website will also be available at The Speak Up Talk Radio Network

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If you desire to join this movement to improve patient safety and at the same time promote you and your business with a purpose – please contact pat@speakupandstayalive.com or phone 440-725-5462 for current rates.





If your radio station needs a ready to go weekly program to plug and play – this is a hit!

If you want to hear this popular program in your city – contact your local radio station’s program director and send them to this page.

The Speak Up and Stay Alive radio program is a fast paced, weekly one hour talk show that brings little known healthcare and hospital hazards to the forefront. Healthcare and patient safety are timely topics and the program is currently a favorite in Cleveland, Ohio, Phoenix, Arizona, and many other markets (see below)  The show features nationally acclaimed healthcare guests as well as everyday people and patients with a story to tell.

The program is hosted and produced by author/speaker, Pat Rullo – with a noted ability to make a serious subject not only educative but most importantly, entertaining. Listeners appreciate her warm style and quick sense of humor and eagerly tune in each week.  The weekly game show segment is a crowd favorite as it combines patient safety tips and tools in a fun and lighthearted way – making the information easy to remember and use. Add Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety RadiOh! to your lineup – a safe and sensible way to increase ratings and generate revenue.

Listen to a show:

Healthcare and patient safety are a timely topic. Add this reliable program to your station’s schedule.

Add Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety RadiOh! to your station’s lineup – a safe and sensible way to increase ratings and generate revenue. Contact: carmen(@)speakupandstayalive.com



The research necessary to create and produce each weekly program for this savvy audience requires hours of investigation and discernment via the web, publications, and in-person interviews. The ever-changing nature of healthcare also makes this a labor intensive and evolving project. We strive to couch all opinions  with verifiable facts, to assure the listener that the content is reliable, honest, and fair. The rapidly changing healthcare and hospital scene forces production costs that are constant. Therefore we actively seek supporters to help offset the cost of these efforts.

Join the program ~ or ~ make a gift or honor someone harmed by a medical mistake. To help extend the reach of this radio program and therefore the message of patient safety – please select from the following. We will honor you or your loved one with a mention on the radio shows unless you write to us to remain anonymous.

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