Does your cat sleep on your bed? Do you have ants, bees, wasps? Are certain trees and shrubs failing to thrive on your property. To harmonize your home for maximum health – you must tune in.















Guest – Werner Brandmaier, a native of Austria, has an engineering back-ground and more than 10 years of experience in the high tech medical field. As a second generation dowser, he grew up with an energetic understanding of our body and the environment. After helping his spouse recover fully from cancer, Werner began to expand his practice of traditional Feng Shui towards principles of true health. In 2000 he founded the Institute of Feng Shui & Geopathology in Portland, Maine, with the intent to raise awareness about Geopathic Stress in the US. In his full time practice Werner integrates traditional schools of Feng Shui and Western forms of dowsing and Geopathology. He teaches seminars and workshops all over the country and is a member of the American Society of Dowsers.